Desmond Morris’s books have always been an interesting read for me. His analysis of behavior based on people’s gestures he observes, has certainly made its deep impact, over the last many years.

Sitting in a public place and observing people and NOT thinking beyond that, was hence a different experience for me. Every time my mind would attempt to analyse what I observe (and see if it is in alignment with what Desmond Morris says), I had to bring it back and tell it, “No analysis. Only observing.”

Talking to myself and telling NO all the time, was not an easy task. Well, how my mind kept instructing itself to stay away, is underlined and made bold at the end of every observation ?:-)

So what all did I see? As you read this blog, you will know what I saw. To analyse or not to analyse is of course your choice ?

  • This hefty looking man, all in a yellow T shirt and a Bermudas walks past, with his T shirt saying ‘Friday is my second favorite F word’. My mind did ask itself “What is his first favorite F word then? Uh Uh!!! Don’t think 
  • A Tall lady and dressed in a red blouse teamed with a stark white trousers and a white squeaking clean shoes. This outfit certainly caught the eye of the people around. She had her earphones on and mobile in hand and was looking at her shoes every so often. New shows, lady? Ouch!! Watch out
  • A relatively shorter man standing next to her, kept looking up at her height and then at her shoes. Well, height and weight (sorry, white) certainly catches the eye. “What was this man so caught up with?” “Don’t go there.”
  • There was a couple standing next to me. The man was burly and with a tattoo in his hand. The lady was attired in a flowery pastel colored saree, carrying herself with that slight ‘oomph’ factor. ‘Oomph’ factor means analysis done.“Come back ye mind”
  • Pat, pat and pat came this noise, closer and closer. I turned my head to hear see someone running fast, to join an older person. Attired in a short top and a long flowing skirt, this young woman may be called plump. Many an eye, including mine turned towards her. She passed by and most of us could still not take our eyes off. Want to know why? Well, the ends of her pony tailed hair were coloured in a shade of soft pink. Man, is that a bold move? “Oh, no you don’t.”
  • A group of youngsters were standing, with one of them passing around a small polythene bag. This bag contained what looked like garlic pods but is that what it was, I don’t know. One of them took a couple of these white things, half inserted them in on either side of her mouth This gave it a look of one of those pictures of a vampire, with two teeth jutting out on either side. (This girl was no vampire definitely :-)). She looked around first at her friends and then at the others around. Some people looked at her and instantly looked away; some could not stop themselves from looking back a few more times at her. This girl in a few seconds however, ate these two things. “Why is she doing this and drawing so much attention to herself? Is she like… ?” “Oh no!! You are at it again.”
  • Here were these parents with three young children – a girl and two boys who certainly looked like identical twins. The parents had gone to pick up something barely a few feet away. One of the boys shouted out to his parents, what he wanted them to buy. The girl looked at him and whispered, “People are looking at you. Don’t shout from here.” The boy just looked at her with a smile and remained quiet after that. I could not but look into myself and wonder if I was also like her in her age. “Back here, lady. No analyzing yourself either.”
  • A ten member all women group were standing in a circle. Only one of them was doing all the sharing for a good 5 minutes or so, with some of the others chuckling with her; some others talking to the person next to them and a few others kept looking at her. All this sharing she was doing was with a loud voice and with expressive gestures too. I thought “Oh my goodness, how much can she..?” I was rudely awakened by my alert mind which chastised me, “There you started again. Will you stop it?”

Oof!! This observing without any other thought was certainly a bit of a tall order for me; and with my mind calling out to me all the time with instructions, this was getting tougher and tougher.


It is certainly not easy an experience though it was rewarding enough, to give a taste of what we all we are capable of doing – we can actually train our mind!! ?