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Mahabharata – Introduction to the series..

After two years of wanting to write on the Mahabharata, it is finally time!!! The source of knowledge for this series, are the talks by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati on this epic. Mahabharata, an epic, is called a mahakavya (a… Continue Reading →

We shall overcome!!!

Any crisis in the world has an impact on the society at large. Visuals and news that we see and hear, on the crisis, sometimes emotionally devastate – be it a war or a genocide or any natural calamity that… Continue Reading →

Getfit with Nans..

Not being a person to attend online classes (not if I have a choice :-)), it was even a surprise that I considered it. To start with, it was curiosity that triggered it (not that curiosity that killed the cat… Continue Reading →

A worthy drive for this Davanagere Benne Dose..

Last weekend, when my elder son told me “Ma, lets go next Sunday to have Davanagere Benne Dose”, I was all eager.. I have heard of Davanagere (a city in Karnataka, India about 260 kms from Bengaluru, where I live)… Continue Reading →

‘Grand’ Conversations – A new series

There are so many conversations MAnvi and her thAthA have – each of them grand in its own way – grand in terms of the impact it has on them and grand in terms of their relationship – of a… Continue Reading →

A vacation with our Mr. D..

Then – Vacation plans? Primary thought – Choose a resort in that place where the boys have an open area to play in, a place which has indoor and outdoor games to engage themselves in and have loads of fun…. Continue Reading →

Pick the battles you want to fight..

The walks they would take everyday, was thru quiet lanes that were lined with trees on either side. Sometimes it was thru areas that had quaint houses with barely a person or two out on the road. Their walk destination… Continue Reading →

The book that grew on me!!

It was a book that I shied away from reading for a few years now. I guess there were a few reasons (assumptions perhaps?) for this – It is a biography of a person whose love for technology and computers… Continue Reading →

Karma yoga – Two aspects of attitude.. The final blog in this series.

A request and a disclaimer: Before you begin to read this blog, request you to first read the blogs titled ‘A curtain raiser to the blog series on karma yoga, The seed for karma yoga and the other blogs in… Continue Reading →

An Unleashed and Unbridled Time..

When my elder son asked me if I would like to come for a trip to a dog park with Daxter (our one-year old puppy), I was apprehensive.. I still am at times petrified when Daxter comes at me with… Continue Reading →

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