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Karma yoga is an attitude..

A request and a disclaimer: Before you begin to read this blog, request you to first read the blogs titled ‘A curtain raiser to the blog series on karma yoga and The seed for karma yoga’ as this sets the… Continue Reading →

prArabdhA and Free Will

A few questions remain unanswered for many of us. Can we get answers for every question we have? We do get answers to some at some point in our life though some remain unanswered till the last breath we take…. Continue Reading →

Removing a Layer of Ignorance

  Never being a religious person, though born into a house that revered gods; and married into a family that was orthodox, traditional and staunch believers of Vaishnavism… For many years, my life went on, with just a prayer or… Continue Reading →

To my Guru – Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati

We call someone our ‘Guru’ when they impart knowledge to us. The word ‘Guru’ also means ‘one who dispels darkness or removes ignorance’. We cannot see in darkness. Ignorance being lack of knowledge is compared to darkness and the one… Continue Reading →

Letting Go

  As a small baby we clasped tightly, the finger that was extended to us. We have grown, the fingers have changed but we still have not let go of that finger!!! I wonder if we have got so used… Continue Reading →

Leadership Begins in Childhood

  Leadership begins in childhood… The onus on Leadership is on too many people – children themselves, parents, extended family, teachers,  school and the society… That’s too many people and its no small wonder NO ONE takes accountability for building… Continue Reading →

Be Measured

  A few days back, I was reading the first volume of the many volumes of insights, spoken by a very learned and spiritual person. One of the insights he shared has just stayed on in my mind. This insight… Continue Reading →

Life in Whose Definition?

A woman who took every one of the roles she donned, seriously indeed!!! Preetha –  a great mother, an accommodating wife, a doting daughter and a wonderful friend.. She was a person who wanted to live every adjective of the… Continue Reading →

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