I have always been fascinated by people which includes myself!! To contribute and be the cause of a change in thinking and perspective in people, is a desire, a dream and a goal – be it thru’ writing or thru’ working with children with special needs or thru conducting programs and coaching individuals..

The influence of the teachings of Pujya swAmi Dayananda Saraswati on me, is invaluable. I hope to carry his teachings forward in my own way, by living his teachings and sharing it with others.

As I look back on my life so far especially on my professional arena,  I see that it has been in roles that would require me to interact with people. Every organization that I have worked with – Landmark Book Store, Sterling Tree Magnum and SymIndia Training and Consultancy Pvt Ltd and Brindavan Education Trust (my current workplace) has contributed to what I am today. There is always something to learn from every individual and I am indeed thankful to each and everyone whose path my life has crossed, to give me that learning.

Happiness for me is in spending time with family and friends or reading a book or writing a blog or listening to music or even singing a song to myself.

Life is a miracle!!