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Letting Go

  As a small baby we clasped tightly, the finger that was extended to us. We have grown, the fingers have changed but we still have not let go of that finger!!! I wonder if we have got so used… Continue Reading →

Leadership Begins in Childhood

  Leadership begins in childhood… The onus on Leadership is on too many people – children themselves, parents, extended family, teachers,  school and the society… That’s too many people and its no small wonder NO ONE takes accountability for building… Continue Reading →

Be Measured

  A few days back, I was reading the first volume of the many volumes of insights, spoken by a very learned and spiritual person. One of the insights he shared has just stayed on in my mind. This insight… Continue Reading →

Life in Whose Definition?

A woman who took every one of the roles she donned, seriously indeed!!! Preetha –  a great mother, an accommodating wife, a doting daughter and a wonderful friend.. She was a person who wanted to live every adjective of the… Continue Reading →

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