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A walk through life and death..

This is a tale of two walks.. Gosh, this sounds like Charles Dickens’s – A tale of two cities 🙂 The first walk was through the walk of life. A walk through Lalbagh, in the early part of the day…. Continue Reading →

My!! Was that tough?!

Desmond Morris’s books have always been an interesting read for me. His analysis of behavior based on people’s gestures he observes, has certainly made its deep impact, over the last many years. Sitting in a public place and observing people and… Continue Reading →

It all happened in an evening..

It was an evening that was an eye opener of sorts.. A few conversations that helped me introspect.. What an insightful evening this was!! Interesting though that each one of these insights were thru different mediums.. It all first started… Continue Reading →

Just take a step back..

I have heard people saying “When you are doing something, just take a step back and try looking at it dispassionately or from a 30,000 feet view, things will become clear”. I have tried it and I seem to have… Continue Reading →

Just a ‘thank you’ will do..

There are certain thoughts and certain questions, when they occur, hits hard.. Takes a long time to snap out and come back to any sense of normalcy. What prompted this on, this time? (Well, this line reads as though it… Continue Reading →

In an unreserved compartment..

A few years back, I had made a gaffe of not checking my train ticket after it was booked.. The result – one of the most memorable journeys of my life :-).. What a contradiction both these statements are!!! I… Continue Reading →

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