There are so many conversations MAnvi and her thAthA have – each of them grand in its own way – grand in terms of the impact it has on them and grand in terms of their relationship – of a granddaughter with her grandfather.. or it is vice versa? 🙂

Many of these conversations happen based on what they have learnt – could be thru’ a book or thru their own experiences or thru’ a discourse.. Conversations that makes each of them more learned in their own way – MAnvi more so..

This new series could be multiple conversations on a particular topic. In which case, the title of the blogs will be ‘Grand’ Conversations – Title of the topic.

If the blog is a conversation on just one aspect and starts and ends in that blog, then the title of the blog will be ‘Grand’ Conversations – Title of the aspect.

And of course, every conversation will be in the form of a dialogue between MAnvi and her thAthA.

I am indeed excited about sharing this new series with each one of you who would read this. Look forward to travel this journey with MAnvi, her thAthA and you.