Words fail me when I need to describe you

This blog is just a medium to pen a few ‘top of the mind’ thoughts of you!!

I can’t say that you are no longer here

Because I can feel your presence here, there and everywhere!!

My writing may appear rambling

But that’s how it would be when the mind is searching!!

Many many memories I hold of you

How and where do I start? Whew!!

Childhood memories are of you being mischievious and playing many a prank

I have wondered at that time if you would get into trouble and I would go blank!!

You were three, when all by yourself you got into a stationary auto

With my school notebooks in your hand you were dropped in my school, by the kind-minded automan!!

From my assembly line I saw my teachers calling me

And you sat in my class after that, with glee!!

I would always eat slow and you would always eat fast

You would then grab my share and run away faster!!

My long shaped face would make you call me a ‘banana face’ (vazhaikkai moonji)

The more I would get annoyed, the more you would call!!

I would study and study and study and get a sixty percent in my exams

With your grasping power, you would score way higher every time!!

No book in your hand have I ever seen

And tell me you would, that it is a waste to study all the time!!

“Write an article and send to this newspaper”, years ago you told me

I owe it all you for spotting the writer in me!!

Like any other pair of siblings, we have had our share of ups and downs

We argued and we fought!!

We healed ourselves at times in silence and at times reaching out to each other

And at times, we would stay sulkingly silent!!

Who is more childish, if someone would ask

Even now I am sure, we would happily point to the other!!

For you, life is

  • a celebration
  • to be lived joyfully and on your terms
  • giving what contributes to others

My recent memories with you, will remain evergreen

Joyful, memorable and yet poignant!!

It is never a goodbye but always

Until we meet again.. au revoir.. punaH milAmaH.. auf weidersehen..

And when we do, it is my deep desire to see you

‘Create a legacy through purposeful and fulfilling contributions’