I was intrigued when I saw a few books of pUjya swAmiji under the heading ‘Moments with Oneself’.. And each book was on a different topic, and on aspects of daily living. My question immediately was “Why under this heading?” This question refused to go away. I took all the books that I had and went thru the first few pages of the books and the blurb of the books. I could find no information on why these books are under this heading.

I wrote to a couple of people I know, who I thought would be able to help; if not by themselves, then they would know a few others in their circle who may have an answer to this question. Their reply was “I didn’t even think on these lines.” (Why does my mind think on these lines, was a question to myself..) I was suggested that I could try a couple of other options, but both were not viable to me. And I was lost on which door to knock, to get an answer to my question.. Google aunty was not of any help too.

So, why was the answer to this question important to me? Because I sensed that I could do a blog series on these topics under this heading ‘Moments with Oneself’. Every book under this heading was so relevant for living life one day at a time, in my view!!

In the meantime, I also tried to answer the question myself,”Why under this heading?”. The one answer that came to me was – perhaps the topics on which this series is written on, are those which one needs to introspect on and bring in changes in one self. The more I thought about it, the more fitting it seemed, as an answer to the question.

One fine morning came an unexpected message from an unknown person, about the availability of pUjya swAmiji’s teachings thru books and CD’s, giving a link for the same. This message made me write back to them, asking them if they would know of anyone who would know the answer to my question. I was just hoping that they would say yes. And much to my delight, the person who sent me the message had the answer.

I was told that the heading ‘Moments with Oneself’ was coined by pUjya SwAmiji and he would say that all topics are connected to one another. When an aspect of life is taken and analysed thoroughly, other topics will follow; and that a vedAntic perspective means that life has to be looked at without distortions.

Personally for me, I am not sure if I can look at life without distortions; however, understanding these aspects of life with the help of the teachings in these books under the heading ‘Moments with Oneself’, I am sure will help me to minimise the distortions.

We all try to read signals from what we see and hear, especially when we seek something.. What we read may just be what we want to read!! :-).. And that’s just what I did too..

Receiving an answer to my question, made me read it as a signal to go ahead and write the blog series on ‘Moments with Oneself’.. Perhaps that is just me signalling myself, like the station master waving the green flag, signalling the driver of the train to begin the journey.. Well, here both the station master and the person driving the train is me, I guess!! Or am I reading this also the way I want to read it?

Beginning the journey and travel into this new blog series ‘Moments with Oneself’..