Disclaimer – This dialogue is neither a figment of imagination nor a real one; and the same applies to the characters as well. The character MAnvi is one I see myself in, though at times different. Her thAthA is one who seems much familiar. Much of these dialogues are a trigger  from a book or a discourse by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Any error in the way I have blogged upon, on any aspect is due to an error in my understanding alone.

MAnvi’s thAthA would write letters and keep them for MAnvi, when he travels alone for a few days. The letters would be dated and kept. There were letters for some days and none on the others. These letters would give her quite a lot to contemplate on till he returns. When MAnvi went to her thAthA’s room to see if there was a letter dated for that day, she found one..

Dear MAnvi,

One day Tenali Raman borrowed an elephant from a merchant, for his son who loved to have an elephant at home. The next day of getting the elephant home, the elephant died. Tenali Raman felt sad and he went to see the merchant to give him the news. The merchant was very fond of the elephant. He wanted the elephant back. Tenali Raman told the merchant that that was impossible but he could give him the money to buy another elephant. The merchant refused to accept that despite Tenali Raman . Tenali Raman had an idea and asked the merchant to come the next day to his house to collect the elephant. The next day when the merchant came to Tenali Raman’s house, he found the front door marginally open. He called out to Tenali Raman and from inside came Tenali Raman’s voice asking him to come inside. To get inside, the merchant had to push the front door a little more. When he did that, he heard the sound of something breaking due to its fall. He pushed the door to find that there were some clay pots that had broken into pieces. When Tenali Raman saw this he was upset and he took a broken small piece and told the merchant, “This was the pot that belonged to my great-grandfather and now it is broken.” The merchant told Tenali Raman that he will give him the money to buy it. Tenali Raman refused and he said that he wanted the same pot. The merchant then told Tenali Raman that he cannot give the Pot back in the same condition and neither can Tenali Raman give the elephant back alive; and that it was time to call it quits and move on.

There is a message from this story that you would definitely take away MAnvi, without me telling you – what is once broken, cannot be put together to take its original shape, be it objects or relationships.

I would like elaborate on what you may need to contemplate on..

Many times when you make an effort to gain something and understand that it is not possible to do so, it is preferable to say that there are other things to do (if not better things to do) and get past it. You wanted someone to listen to what you are saying and the person did not. That does not mean that the person is bad or that you did something foolish by expecting them to listen. There maybe other people to listen to what you wanted to say and you don’t necessarily need this person’s attention. Grow out of it!!

If you wanted something and you made all your attempts to do so and you did not get it, don’t allow yourself to be cheated by it or get lost by it. Also do not devalue what you wanted, thinking that you were a fool by putting in all your efforts. When you devalue what you wanted, you are devaluing your efforts and also devaluing yourself. Remember, whatever you think is sour now was sweet once when you wanted it.

There are certain things that you would have tried a few times, and for some reason gaining it  may have been elusive. Maybe you are not at the right pace and at the right time to receive it. Maybe there is a reason for you to not get what you wanted. It is fine and it is time to look at the other things that you need to do or go after.

When you see a glass half filled with milk, remember to look at the glass as one that has milk filled upto half of it. Neither look at it as half empty or half full, in which case you may judge yourself to be a certain kind of a person with a certain kind of a thought. Being factual and objective is looking at the glass as one that is filled to its half.

When a situation unfolds that is less or opposite of what you wanted despite efforts from your side, be aware and alert to always look at it factually and objectively. You may want to analyse on why it did not happen the way you wanted it to, but keep that analysis in its place. Get past the situation and grow out of it!!!  Keep in mind that there are other things that you perhaps need to do or go after.

Remember that you need to be on top of the situation and not the other way around!!

Contemplating already, MAnvi?

Your thAthA, always.

MAnvi folded the letter and sat in her thAthA’s room, soaked in the visions of many situations and thoughts dancing in her mind..